Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[milis tarki] Interior Design Job Vacancy

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ONE Interior & Architecture is a Multinational Company from Korea.


We are invites the qualified candidates to join our team for the Interior Design position.


Requirements :

-          Architecture or Interior Design graduate

-          More than 5 – 10 years working experience in Interior Design

-          Software Skill : Autocad, 3D Max with Vray, Photoshop

-          Able to operate Ms. Office

-          Develop design from space planning, concept, to final design

-          Pleasant personality and good communication skill

-          Fluent in verbal and written in English


Responsibility :

-          Research

Reviews the script, preliminary sketches and floor plans, and any other documentation about the production so he can help the scenic designer come up with ideas. He speaks with the designer to understand the designer's vision for elements depicted in the script, such as the historical period, style, mood, locale, lighting and architecture, and to determine the number of sets needed. The scenic designer might ask him to conduct additional research.

-          Planning

Helps to create design documentation, such as written plans, diagrams, sketches and drawings, or a set model. He then helps present these materials during company, production or design meetings and rehearsals. He offers his opinions, and takes notes for the scenic designer, during these discussions. Additionally, he acts as liaison between the scenic designer and other production heads, such as the technical director and scene shop supervisor, to change and perfect the designs, and to create work schedules.

-          Construction

Helps to supervise crews and assist with construction in and outside of the shop. He might locate special materials, assist with detail painting, build furniture or help in the costume studio. If a design plan requires changes to standard prop furniture and equipment, he requests approval from the technical director. He also helps to evaluate all work with the scenic designer, and makes design, scheduling and deadline changes as needed.


Skills :

-          Education

Most employers and clients prefer an interior designer who completed a formal education program, and interior designers can earn an associate, bachelor's or master's degrees in interior design.

-          Creativity

Interior designers should possess strong creative and artistic skills to make their designs aesthetically pleasing for their clients. They select a variety of colors, textiles, fabrics and interior furnishings with the clients' interests and tastes in mind. Although many design aesthetics are learned through education and training, a natural creative talent helps interior designers to be successful.

-          Communication

To successfully find clients and understand their needs, interior designers require excellent interpersonal skills. Interior designers often work with a variety of other professionals to design and construct interior spaces.


Please sent your complete CV tohwangyunjae07@gmail.com


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