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"Chitra H. Ayuningtyas" chietz_13

University of Trento (UniTN), Department of Information Engineering and
Computer Science offers two-year double degree Master programmes with
Technical Majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Students
study at 2 universities in 2 different European countries, travel
regularly to other partner universities and undertake internship at
world-class enterprises such as Telecom Italia,Nokia, Eriksson, Siemens,
Phillips or SAP.

Technical Majors at UniTN:

Entry-Point (1st year) and Exit Point (2nd year)
* Service Design & Engineering
* Internet Technology & Architecture
* Security & Privacy

Exit Point (2nd year)
* Digital Media Technology
* Human Computer Interaction & Design
* Embedded Systems

All technical major include an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

More information about EIT ICT Labs Master School Majors at

EIT ICT Labs Master School application:


Application on-line at:

EU students: for all eligible students: no tuition fee and mobility
funds of 3000 €;
for the best students: monthly allowances of 500 €
for students who apply to University of Trento as entry or exit point
students can apply for an additional mobility grant of 3500 €

Non-EU students: fee of maximum € 8000/year, scholarships and tuition
fee waivers for best students, mobility funds of 3000 €
*for the best students who apply to University of Trento as entry point
there will be up to 9 local scholarships covering **tuition fee waivers
and monthly allowance of**800 €*

Requirements: bachelor's degree (a minimum of 180 ECTS) and English
language proficiency attested by a diploma.

UniTN reached prominent positions in national and international
university rankings such as CENSIS, the QS World University Ranking and
Times Higher Education World University Ranking. The University is
particularly known for the quality of its academic courses, presence of
excellent professors, strong internationalisation and great services.
Students who finish their Master/PhD at UniTN are highly competitive at
international job market.

UniTN offers:

* EIT ICT Labs labelled Master programmes
* Double degrees with top European universities
* Innovation & Entrepreneurship high-quality courses
* Hands-on practical learning
* English as studying and working language
* Diverse student community: EU nationals and students from Latin
America, India, Russia, Asia, Africa
* Dynamic studying and working environment
* Professors and trainers of international fame
* Academic tutoring and mentoring
* Scholarships for best students
* Administrative support: travel documents, accommodation, welcome
office, language courses
* Placement services

Information about Master and PhD courses in English at Department of
Information Engineering and Computer Science at http://disi.unitn.it

For further enquiries, please contact us at Elena Bortolotti
<elena.bortolotti@unitn.it <mailto:elena.bortolotti@unitn.it>>


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"paramadino" paramadino

Setahu saya untuk lotus ini ada TARGET GROUP nya. Setiap target grup ada list negara dan partner univ. Setiap target group jg ada kualifikasinya misalnya target group 2 khusus untuk mahasiswa di daerah vulnerable (daerah konflik) dan hrs berasal dr partner university. Jd sblm apply pastikan kalau anda memenuhi syarat untuk masuk ke salah 1 group.

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Unless it's very difficult for you to do so, I think the best thing you can do is to visit a Goethe Institut. They have good information on this and most importantly they are both credible and non-profit.

Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:04 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Abd Luky iYLu" lukyindonesia

Yg sy tahu, LPDP bisa.
Krn ada kawan sy yg ketrima di australi jurusan pertambangan2 gt pake beasiswa nya LPDP.


Abd Luky
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Selamat malam rekan milis yth.

Apakah ada rekan yang mengetahui informasi tentang kesempatan beasiswa S2
untuk bidang pertambangan?

Sependek search yang saya lakukan, bidang tersebut jarang ditawarkan
sebagai pilihan utk program beasiswa.
Namun saya berharap ada informasi mengenai hal tersebut.


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Program Beasiswa Unggulan Kemendiknas 2014

Beasiswa Tunjangan Kreatifitas
Beasiswa P3SWOT
Beasiswa Unggulan Mahasiswa Asing
Beasiswa Unggulan Luar Negeri
Program Beasiswa Unggulan Mandiri

Information: http://beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/program http://beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/program
Apply online: http://buonline.beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/index.php/register http://buonline.beasiswaunggulan.kemdiknas.go.id/index.php/register




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