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[Indo-Job] Team Leader of WRU Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (Base Kota Agung)




The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has a distinguished history of scientists exploring and saving wildlife in some of the most remote and wild places remaining on Earth. WCS has long recognized that successful conservation requires a long-term commitment to individuals and places. Such a commitment has defined the culture and style of the Global Conservation Program, including the Indonesia Program.


The Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) has significantly grown over the last decades, and contributed substantially to the conservation of biodiversity in Indonesia. We currently work in several landscapes in Sumatra and Sulawesi where we aim at protecting threatened species and their habitat. In order to achieve our overall goal of saving wildlife and wild places, the WCSIP programs are strongly supported and backed up by field activities that aim to reduce and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, combat illegal logging, encroachment and deploys patrol to protect the habitat, and monitor and sustain the health of wildlife.


Human-Wildlife conflicts in the landscapes where WCS-IP works have increased over the last decennia as human populations continue to expand into the wilderness areas. These have resulted into negative impacts on people and their resources as well as wildlife species and their habitat. Through a number of interventions, WCS-IP aims to mitigate the human-wildlife conflicts and ensure a sustainable co-existence between people and wildlife.


To increase the effectiveness of our conservation interventions and to strengthen the role of WCS-IP in mitigating human-wildlife conflicts, WCS-IP has decided to establish a unit, called WRU (Wildlife Response Unit). As WRU unit covers the area of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP) and Bukit Balai Rejang Selatan (BBRS), WCS-IP is looking for a strong and motivated WRU Team Leader to lead this unit. The Team Leader will be required to plan, manage and run the unit. The work will cover field interventions, compiling and analyzing data regarding human-wildlife conflicts, and developing innovative interventions to address the issues. 


The Team Leader is also responsible to run SMART patrol as an intervention approach to reduce forestry crime including illegal encroachment, hunting, and logging by systematic patrols. The Team Leader will work day-to-day with forest rangers and community rangers to design the strategy and implementation of SMART patrol to protect BBSNP. The Team Leader will be advised by Law Enforcement Legal Advisor and assist law enforcement activities such as arresting illegal logger, encroacher, and poacher during the patrol.


The position will be based in Kota Agung, with intensive trips to the field to run the project. The Team Leader will work under the general supervision of the WRU/TPU Coordinator, as well as work closely together with other colleagues in the Kota Agung office as a team. The position will be available for a period of 6 months from November 1, 2013, with possibility of extension depending on available funding.


The Team Leader will be responsible to oversee the responsibilities and activities of this program by:


Human Wildlife Conflict

Ø  Carrying human-wildlife conflict patrol surrounding BBSNP and BBRS border to detect unreported human-wildlife conflict and gather the information, also history of wildlife conflict from community.

Ø  Initiating community wardens to promote human-wildlife conflict intervention and methods to community. Preparing the module and curriculum as well as circulating them to the field staff in targeted area.

Ø  Training community to understand tiger ecology and behaviour, self defence from tiger attack and building TPE (Tiger Proof Enclosure) to protect livestock from tiger attack. 

Ø  Coordinating with BBSNP and BKSDA Lampung in handling human-wildlife conflict to achieve effective and efficient approach.

Ø  Mitigating human-wildlife conflict in BBSNP and BBRS, especially human-tiger conflict to avoid victim of the tiger, people and livestock.

Ø  Update SIMONIK (Sistem Monitoring Konflik) database

Ø  Preparing recommendation to BBSNP and BKSDA Lampung for emergency case of tiger trapped by snare, evacuation, or translocation issue. 

Ø  Preparing monthly report to BBSNP and WRU/TPU Coordinator related to the mitigation progress.


SMART Patrol

Ø  Implement SMART, including conduct training sessions, transfer knowledge and data analysis from team leader to patrol member.

Ø  Setting up patrol teams consist of WCS-IP staff, forest rangers, and community rangers.

Ø  Carrying SMART patrol training to patrol member including data gathering from the field, input the data into SMART, and preparing report based on the result of data analysis. 

Ø  Working together with BBSNP to develop strategy of patrol based on the result and analysis of SMART patrol. The patrol evaluation and plan will be scheduled per month in Kota Agung.

Ø  Carrying out and coordinating monthly patrol in 3 selected areas in BBSNP. The selected areas will be discussed intensively among Team Leader, WRU/TPU Coordinator, and BBSNP.

Ø  Creating monthly report to BBSNP and WCS in terms of SMART patrol activities and the result.




Ø  Undertake any other duties, as assigned by WRU/TPU Coordinator.



Job Requirements



The post holder should preferably have a graduate qualification in biology and ecological science.



     Strong background in human-wildlife conflict and wildlife health, biological monitoring including collecting and analyzing data, and patrol.

     At least 4 years working experience in human wildlife conflict and biological monitoring with 1 years in managerial level.

     Proven track record of program management, including project development, implementation, staff supervision and budget oversight.



     Strong managerial capacities, as well as strategic technical and intellectual skills in human-wildlife conflict and patrol activities as well as law enforcement related  with forest crime.

     Leadership, results-orientation, team-building.

     Strong facilitation, coordination, networking and negotiation skills.

     Ability to maintain financial and technical control of projects in the field.

     Good report writing and presentation skills.

     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

     MS Office, as well as database and other analytical software.

     Excellent writing skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.



Please note that the above TOR constitutes only the main responsibilities and duties of this position. As WCSIP is a flexible organization, staff members are expected to undertake any other tasks that are allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TOR.

Apply by email to the Finance and Administration Manager – WCS Indonesia Program at Your application should include a short covering letter, an up-to-date CV, expected salary, and three professional references.

Deadline: 13 December 2013.

No correspondence, only short-listed candidates will be notified.

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